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Irvine stair lift


Irvine Bruno stair lift models

Bruno Independent Living manufactures all their stair lifts in the USA. For those wondering how to install a Bruno stair lift, you don’t need to worry about having technical expertaree — only official dealers and authorized technicians can and should install a Bruno stair lift. Bruno stair lift batteries are rechargeable, so the stair lifts can run even during a power outage.

Irvine Bruno indoor stair lifts

Bruno Elan SRE3000

Bruno SRE-2010 irvine stairlift

Bruno CRE2010

Irvine Bruno outdoor stair lifts

Bruno outdoor elite stairlift

Irvine Bruno stair lift outdoor cre2110E curved stairchair

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2018

My wife’s legs aren’t what they used to be and it’s hard to get up and down the stairs, so we figured we would put a stairlift up the best we could. There’s a local store, Williams, that’s very well-respected. Everybody in town and we know of them. That’s where we went to purchase a stairlift to keep it in the neighborhood and they showed us a couple of stairlifts that they had. We liked the Bruno product and the price that they offered for it was good. The interactions that we had with the reps were very good and we were very pleased with the whole thing. We got a straight stairlift. Its installation went very well and we like the whole unit. There’s a landing where our stairs turn to more steps, so we used the stairlift on the long piece. We're very happy with our Bruno stairlift. It makes it so easy for my wife to go up and down now and she loves it.

Irvine HANDICARE StairLift Multiple floors – Multiple solutions

Not all staircases are straight, which are why HANDICARE also manufactures curved stairlifts. The twarets, turns and sometimes sharp corners of a curved or multi-level staircase simply requires the right customized solution – and ours are capable of navigating corners, traveling across landings and spinning up spiral staircases smoothly and safely.

We offer two curved solutions: a single rail (Freecurve) or double rail (2000) style. The Freecurve single rail stairlift has a sleek and unobtrusive design with a variety of style and add-on options, including our proprietary Active Seat. The Active Seat option works similar to a lift chair, where the seat will gently support you as you are sitting down and standing up out of the stairlift, making it a great solution for those with joint and muscle pain. 

The 2000 double rail stairlift boasts the tightest track bends in the industry. Extremely versatile, the 2000 can be made to fit the most complex of staircase designs. The double rail system allows for an extra-smooth, extra-safe ride. 

Irvine HANDICARE Straight stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are the basic type of lift, designed for staircases without curves or bends. But, with a variety of different models, features and options engineered to meet the varying needs of our many users, you’ll find that our stairlifts are anything but basic!

Some of the straight stairlifts we offer include the 1000 model, which includes foldaway seat, armrests and footrest to take up less space when not in use. The 1000 uses a slim, unobtrusive rail and offers 6 seat colors to choose from. Because it’s made with long-lasting, durable materials, the 1000 can also be upgraded to the more robust 1000XXL model.

The 950 stairlift are an economical option that still boasts the same quality and reliability as all of our other HANDICARE products. It features an ergonomic control designed in collaboration with occupational theraparets, so it’s easy to operate even for those who suffer from rheumatarem, arthritare and other joint problems. For an upgrade, the 950+ stairlift offers all of the benefits of the 950 with the ability to upgrade to powered options.


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irvine stair lift