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In 1964, Henry Kraus founded Electropedic® Adjustable Beds, Manufacturer of the Model 585, AMERICA'S BEST-BUILT ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BED.
Lloyd and Philip Kraus
Today, Electropedic® is run by his two son's: Lloyd and Philip Kraus.


The Electropedic® WH1, WH2 and WH3 are the WORLD'S BEST BUILT ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BEDS - with the best 20-YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY.

Our motto since 1964 has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!"

 We sincerely try to get our customer's the best sleep experience possible;
Which means the RIGHT Adjustable Bed Model, Mattress, Firmness, Size, Length and Height.

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We are LATEXPEDIC®, the Manufacturer of the World's Most Comfortable Latex Mattresses:
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We expanded into Electric Homecare Products; and ElectroEASE® is Authorized Dealers over over 50 Different Electric Homecare Products and Manufacturers.

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Message from Lloyd Kraus, One of Our Stories

When I was younger, my Dad once told me that our business does GOOD by HELPING people get a better night's sleep.

Many years later, I got a post card in the mail that said "we will teach your salespeople how to sell."  I called the phone number on the post card, and asked them what they do; how they teach salespeople to sell better.  The man on the phone said "We teach the salesperson to put the customers Self-Interest FIRST . . . to put the Salesperson's Self-Interest Second."

First your must do what is Best for the Customer.
This is how you earn the customer's trust and confidence.

That was good advice.

When we got Joint Commission Medically Accredited we were taught that we must FIRST find the FACTORS to a Customer's 100% Satisfaction.

Our business is a little complicated.  There are many different models, sizes, features, etc.  Our 50-years of experience and caring will mean the RIGHT Product for you. 

We do this by FIRST putting your Self-Interest FIRST; and by genuinely and sincerely finding the FACTORS to your 100% Satisfaction.

We only do one thing and it is for you!

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please contact us at:  ElectroEase@gmail.com
All your questions will be taken care of.

SERVING ALL AREAS/USA:  800-551-2010


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"Your Comfort Is Everything!"

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